What is SEO Website Design?

A business Website must be able to quickly and concisely answer your customers’ questions. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing a website that work in both the eyes of your clients and Google so it satisfies the requirements to be shown as a really good resource on the subject of the inquiry.

People will only stay on a webpage long enough to work out whether you can solve their problem. If they can’t find the answer in less than a second then they leave. The worst part is that they don’t broadcast it and you will never know.

Search Engines use this as one of the indicators to verify the relevance of a website. The longer they stay and read your content the better.

How We Attract Visitors to Your Website

Keywords are the driving force of search engines. The benefit of being found for the right keyword is that you will get more visitors to land on your site.

BUT it’s really important to get the right keywords. 

The GOAL is to convert those visitors into customers, so getting the right keywords is critical. For instance you can get a lot more phone calls but no extra work if you choose the wrong keywords.

Digital Marketing for Small Business

The Difference Between Graphic Design and SEO Web Design

As the heading says, Graphic Design is very visual often beautiful images adorn webpages and slide across the screen in all manner of directions with beautiful colours and very clever photography to make a website stand out.

We make your website look good but more importantly, we make it generate qualified leads for you.

Search Engine Optimization Web Marketing

Keywords drive SEO. When doing ongoing SEO we are expanding the number of keywords your website will be found for.

We are able to find all the keywords that relate to your niche and then create content that explains how your business is able to solve related problems. Sometimes this is in the form of informational type articles or demonstrations and reviews of certain tools or processes. The list is endless as to how you can get your message across but there are some that work for search engines better than others.

SEO Web Design Increases Organic Ranking

Organic search engine rankings are those that SEO affects the most. These rankings can’t be bought. As compared to the ads that you see at the top of the page, the organic ranking has to be earned and therefore carries more trust than an ad.

The benefit of that is that the people who visit your website via a search engine result listing are usually better quality visitors because they are actually looking for a solution to a problem.

SEO Website Design Services

As a digital agency, we specialize in Lead Generation through SEO. This started with SEO website design and covers Customer Avatar, User Experience, Keyword Research, and Website design.

The overall goal is to work with you to build a website that represents your business products and services, who you are and how you serve your clients. The end result is you have a valuable asset for your business.

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