Local SEO Lead Generation

As a local business, who wants to be driving all over the countryside to jobs? Local SEO ensures your site gets seen in your area.

Wouldn’t it be better to stay local? Believe it or not local communities want to employ local businesses, it’s good for the neighbourhood.

Generate Leads from Your Website

Over the years we have noticed that business websites generally don’t do a good job at lead generation. The concept of generating a lead is to get someone to

  1. Come to your website (usually by paid ads) 
  2. Get them to call you. or 
  3. Give them something useless for Free like an Ebook in return for their email address. A tactic employed back in the early 2000’s

Then “nurture them into believing you’re trustworthy enough to spend money with.

This is often accomplished by employing some sort of lead nurturing sequence, normally by an Optin and email sequence. 


Gold Coast Local Lead Generation
Lead Generation Website

Local Lead Generation Website

Sometimes you don’t have the resources to be able to get a specialist to build your website and get it ranking. There is another option.

A lead generation website. We have built local business websites for clients and just sold them the leads. That way you just pay for the lead without the hassle of owning a website.