Digital Marketing for Small Business

For your small business digital marketing can be the best thing you’ve ever done.

If you get it right.

As a small to medium-sized business going digital can be a daunting thing.

Or is it?

Simple huh……

Get a website and you’re away, Right….

How many people have you heard say, “I’ve had a website for a couple of years now and I don’t get much business from it. Anyway I get most of my business from “word of mouth”

So why bother going digital?

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Digital vs Traditional Business

Dealing with people in the digital world is different from in a bricks and mortar business.

When someone walks into your business, you at least know they have some level of interest in what you do, or they wouldn’t be there, would they?

You then can start up a conversation and ask some questions etc. to see what they need.

When they visit your website

You have about 2.6 seconds to catch their attention or they will leave and probably never come back again.

You will never even know this has happened by the way and this happens approximately 92% of the time on the average website.

So I can hear you thinking………..

Wow, what’s the point of having a website that has 92% of all visitors leaving in less than 2.6 seconds?  Great question!

The point is, it doesn’t have to be this way…..

If you are right about the topic your audience is looking for, you will keep their attention.

What I mean is, when you’re in tune with your audience you will be speaking their language and almost having the same conversation as them. You will be right on the mark when understanding your customer and their issues.

So you will have more credibility in their eyes than someone who they haven’t connected with.

At this stage, the sale still hasn’t been made but you’re a lot further down the track than your competitors because you have demonstrated you understand them.

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This is critical when marketing your business digitally. 

Understanding your customer is the most important thing you can do, closely followed by being able to communicate your message in an engaging way to keep your prospects reading.

You want them reading, so you can educate them more about your product/service and how it solves their problem.

So the real reason you are going digital is to reach more prospects for your business and to have your website do some of the sales work for you.

The Search Engines

The way the search engines work, unless you are right on the mark with your content (the information you produce is exactly what your customers want) you will find that most are landing on your website and leaving within 2.6 seconds, If they find your website at all.

If you get your message right and become very relevant to your prospective customers’ search you will feature highly in the search engines.

The most compelling reason to go digital is that you level the playing field. 

You have the same ability as much bigger businesses to monitor and measure how well your marketing tools work for you.

To go more advanced, you can also use a wide variety of tools to increase your efficiency and save you heaps of time in the process.

But the most beneficial use of digital tools is your ability to learn more about your customers and store that information for future use. Which gives you more time to GO OUT and TALK to YOUR CUSTOMERS.

That’s right, use the technology to free you up to spend more time talking to your customers.

So to go forward with this concept, you can join my community and learn how to set up your business digitally so it

  • is focussed on your clients
  • has the tools and processes needed to give you maximum bang for your buck
  • can grow as your business grows
  • gives you the power of knowing where your time and money are best spent.

So before you spend any time or money on your website, take the time to fully understand your customer. List their needs, wants and frustrations and then list how your business solves each of those issues.

If you can’t do this now, take the time to find out and then start to introduce it into your marketing.

If you need help with the digital marketing set up we can do that or you can call I’ll explain exactly how it works for you.

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