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Are you Flying Blind – Know your Website Statistics

Lead rank Media analytics

How much do you know about your website performance?

I will keep this short and to the point.

I am constantly shocked by how many business owners DON’T know about what’s going on with their website.

Simple Critical website statistics like:Lead rank Media analytics

  • How many people are visiting their website
  • what keywords they are reaching you via
  • where their traffic is coming from

This is probably the best tool you have available for your marketing, why aren’t you using it?

If you choose to ignore them you run the risk of flying blind.

It’s criminal the number of people wasting money on advertising and they are missing the mark with what is really important to their customers.

It’s all their in your website analytics, if you don’t have it set up or don’t know how to use it call me for petes sack. 0403 819 828 Russ

About the Author

As a small business owner with limited resources I had to learn what worked and what didn't when it came to marketing my business. I was sick of all the emails and gurus claiming to be able to get me more business than I could handle. I thought, "if were that easy every one would be over run with customers" So I learnt for my self what worked. By far the best and most cost effective strategy I employed was Direct Response Marketing (where everything I published required the reader to take and action). I have now taken this further and made my website direct response. Now at any point there is an action you can take and it's consistent with why you are on the page in the first place. (Most of the time) If you want to know more about this just reach out to me and we can discuss it.

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