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Social Media Madness

pew research Graph of social media usage 2014

Just because it’s there do you need it?

Social media has gone mad.

If you read or listen to anyone they will tell you that “YOU MUST BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA”


I mean, does social media make anyone in your industry any money?

Remember, social media is just that, social.

It’s about getting on to a social platform and speaking or posting shit or is it?

Who uses it?

Pew research in the USA have done some great research into usage of social media and who uses it. But the question still remains. Which businesses are using social media effectively enough to have a financial impact on there PEW research reportbusiness.

I agree that for some businesses social media will work. Businesses that can incite some sort of a social following but it’s hard to imagine a financial planner having too many people come directly from Twitter or Instagram to book an appointment.

Knowing what works.

There are however sites that do work. Depending on your target demographic you should be able to find some of your prospects there. But are they in the right frame of mind to be wanting to buy your services.

This is where your strategy comes in and the use of social media to match that strategy.

I’m always very concerned when I see people or companies putting huge amounts of effort building a massive Facebook following yet have no activity on their own website. (Who’s in control there)

Tip: Social media is just a place to engage your potential prospects in a social format. If you’re running a business the aim must always be to get them back to your website and onto your database!

Used correctly it can be powerful but incorrect use can be a waste of time.




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As a small business owner with limited resources I had to learn what worked and what didn't when it came to marketing my business. I was sick of all the emails and gurus claiming to be able to get me more business than I could handle. I thought, "if were that easy every one would be over run with customers" So I learnt for my self what worked. By far the best and most cost effective strategy I employed was Direct Response Marketing (where everything I published required the reader to take and action). I have now taken this further and made my website direct response. Now at any point there is an action you can take and it's consistent with why you are on the page in the first place. (Most of the time) If you want to know more about this just reach out to me and we can discuss it.

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