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Online Sales Funnel

How’s your sales funnel looking?

Every business has one, whether or not it’s formalised doesn’t matter at this stage.

Your sales funnel is the process you go through from when you first meet a prospect, up to the point of making a sale.

Where most people stop is once they make a sale.

There actually 3 distinct phases to customer relations

  1. Before the sale
  2. During the sales proces
  3. After the sale


I would like to ask a question?

Do you have a formalised/systemized sales funnel?        Leave a comment and let me know what yours is.

An Example of one of my businesses is (I use the internet to tie it all together but customer contact can come from many places both on and off line)

  • identify who my customer is for the particular product I am selling
  • understanding what they want and what their biggest problem is
  • produce content and post it on my website that is related to their problem
  • share that content around the internet which gets them to visit the website
  • they land on a page which outlines the solution to that specific problem
  • those who need help will ring
  • those who need it but not right away I get them to download and information sheet that provides more answers
  • or they are directed to my facebook page so they can be kept upto date with what is happening.
  • I then analyse key data about
    • how they found me
    • what they were interested in and
    • why they bought or not
  • this information is then interpreted and fed back into the identification process to better target my clients.

That’s a bit long winded but essentially it’s

  • identify them
  • attract them
  • convert them
  • analyse the key information about their journey
  • feed that back into the top of the funnel and go again

If you want to learn more about how you can do this for your business and haven’t already registered, I’m having a live webinar on next tuesday night.

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About the Author RussF

As a small business owner with limited resources I had to learn what worked and what didn't when it came to marketing my business. I was sick of all the emails and gurus claiming to be able to get me more business than I could handle. I thought, "if were that easy every one would be over run with customers" So I learnt for my self what worked. By far the best and most cost effective strategy I employed was Direct Response Marketing (where everything I published required the reader to take and action). I have now taken this further and made my website direct response. Now at any point there is an action you can take and it's consistent with why you are on the page in the first place. (Most of the time) If you want to know more about this just reach out to me and we can discuss it.

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