Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online marketing?

noun: marketing
the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.
Online Marketing is the all of the above, we just use the internet. Our expertise is in knowing what Strategies, tool and techniques work and how to apply it to you business.

Do you have a particular marketing Method?

Yes. We prescribe to Direct Response Marketing philosophy. Where every piece of communication produced requires the recipient to take an action. This isn’t limited to just online but we will advise you to use this principle for all marketing you do. Why do we use this method? Quite simply, it works!

What do you do?

We provide online marketing strategy for Small to Medium Enterprises. If you have a sales force and are looking to help fill your sales funnel, we provide the strategy and processes to help you do that. If you are wondering about why LEAD RANK media was formed have a look at what is LEAD RANK media

Do you provide the Training or the Service?

We do both, in the very near future you will be able to take any one of our online courses which will teach you exactly what to do when you are looking to build an effective online marketing system for your business.

If you would prefer to focus on your business and leave the tedium of online marketing to us, we can do that to. Just select one of our packages and we can get started.

What does your “Done for you service” provide.

We will set up a strategy session with you where we uncover the specific details we need to build and effective strategy. During this session we look at how every component of the online marketing tool kit performs and identify what is needed to fulfill the needs of the strategy EG. whether or not the website needs upgrading and what level reporting is required.