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How Google’s Mobile Friendly Changes will Affect You

Test your website for mobile friendliness

What You Need to Know about Google’s new Algo Change

Your Mobile Friendly Website Will Rank Better on Mobile Searches

On April 21st, 2015 Google will introduce algorithm changes which will favor Mobile Friendly websites.

Being mobile friendly simply means that your website recognizes what type of device it’s being viewed on and automatically adjusts its size to suite.


Desk Top Version Home page

Desk Top Home page

When viewed on a Desk Top or Lap Top you site fills the page





Mobile Not Friendly

Not Mobile Friendly

Mobile home page

Mobile Friendly Website

Having a mobile friendly site means you can view and read the site on any sized device, be it a smart phone or tablet.

When it’s not, users find it very hard to read and will usually not stay on the site.

These changes will be significant. Some even say they will have more impact than Penguin or Panda.

From personal experience, I have spoken to many who have expressed their frustration at not being able to read a webpage when they search on their phone.



 What Google have Said

  • on April 21, 2015, Google’s mobile ranking factors will not only label your site as mobile-friendly, but will also use that to determine if your site should rank higher in the search results.
  • this algorithmic change will have a “significant impact” in the mobile search results, impacting all languages worldwide.
  • users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

The simple interpretation of this is

  • if your website isn’t mobile friendly, it won’t show up on mobile search results pages and your customers won’t find you. 

Google also have said that, the changes will only affect those pages that are not mobile optimised. In most cases though if one page isn’t optimized non are.

If some of the pages on a site are mobile friendly then they will be indexed for mobile search.

How to Avoid being Caught Out by The Mobile Search Changes

You can check if your website is mobile friendly by running it through the Google Mobile Friendly Test Page

Test your website for mobile friendliness

If your site passes the initial test, check to make sure all the critical pages pass as well.

All landing pages for you main key phrases in particular.

If your site fails the test you will be told why it failed.


not so mobile friendly website

If your website fails the test you will be told what to do.

The site will need to be upgraded.

If you need a hand from here just drop me a line and we can check it out for you.

My Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly
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