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What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You

understand what you need before you engage a webmaster

Don’t Go in Blind

How often have you gone into something not knowing enough about what it is you’re about to do.

I remember I did it with shares, started trading without knowing the game and got caught out.

Many of you are professional services business owners and you’re in business because what you do requires specialist skills and training.

I spoke to a business owner just recently who relayed his story to me.

As he put it, I just spent a truckload of money getting my website built and I don’t get any businessunderstand what you need before you engage a webmaster from it, none at all.

The people who built it took 2 months longer than they said they would and I had to do most of the work writing articles and the content of the pages on the site.

Russ, how long should it take to start to see people visit my website?, he asked me.

I then asked whether or not he could get on the site and add new content to it? What? How do you do that, he asked again.

At this stage I was getting a little concerned, here was a guy who was promised a lot and give very little except a massive bill, which they asked for the money upfront.

When I had a look at the site in detail I found that

  • the platform it was built on was good – WordPress probably the best platform to go with because Google love and it’s so easy to use.
  • the layout of the site was lousy, very hard to workout just what to do
  • no way for the customers to contact them except by the contact form
  • the content was confusing and not focused on anyone in particular
  • the site wasn’t engaging at all and there was no way of future contact.
  • the site also wasn’t responsive, which means it doesn’t automatically resize when a mobile device is detected.
  • critical pages were not on the site, so it was never going to be ranked by Google

I was really disappointed that someone in this industry could do such a poor job, it was as if they had no idea of who they were trying to target and how to do it using a website. Not to mention the other systems needed to attract and convert and analyze how effective your overall marketing is.

The thing that stood out most of all for me was that this business owner knew what he wanted the website to do and say but didn’t know how to speak the language of the designers. The end result was a website that was a waste of money and no business.

Doing business online, whether you sell a product or want someone to make an appointment is different to traditional business.

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As a small business owner with limited resources I had to learn what worked and what didn't when it came to marketing my business. I was sick of all the emails and gurus claiming to be able to get me more business than I could handle. I thought, "if were that easy every one would be over run with customers" So I learnt for my self what worked. By far the best and most cost effective strategy I employed was Direct Response Marketing (where everything I published required the reader to take and action). I have now taken this further and made my website direct response. Now at any point there is an action you can take and it's consistent with why you are on the page in the first place. (Most of the time) If you want to know more about this just reach out to me and we can discuss it.

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