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Dan StewartDan Stewart – A life of Contribution

When it comes to dedication to your passion there is few that can hold a candle to Dan Stewart.

Dan is passionate about his community, his club, Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club Queensland and the people in it. His best work how ever is done in training the volunteer Junior and Senior lifesavers in the inefficiencies required to save lives should anyone get into trouble on our beach.

Dan has been doing this for over 50 years as a volunteer, having trained many hundreds of lifesavers over that time.

Volunteer of the Year

As a result of his dedication, as it often happens, a member of the public has recognised Dans dedication and nominated him for The Heritage Bank, Volunteer of the Year.

The community is asked to vote for the person they think most worthy and the winner will receive $10,000 for their nominate activity. In Dans case he would like to put that money towards the Palm Beach Surf Cub for upgrading  training facility and providing transport for those needing to travel to reach it.

The outcome will be more, better trained life savers on our beach to look after our community. This truly a great cause.

If you want to help Dan, continue his fantastic work just Click Here to vote for him

As a result of this dedication to his community and the visiting public,

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