Business Marketing for Busy People

Fast and Furious or Slow and Constant

Frustrated your business marketing isn't working

Are you a Reactive or Proactive Marketer?

Fast and Furious.

I was sitting in the traffic the other day, 4 lanes all traveling at just under the speed limit.

A car came flying up behind me, sign written up to advertise the company. The driver was chopping and changing lanes, speeding up and getting caught behind a slower cars. In the mean time I was traveling alone at the speed limit and would gradually catch him. He would get a break in the traffic and fly off again. You know the sort of thing. He was even getting really frustrated because he was not making the ground he would like, probably running late for work etc etc.

I got thinking, I wondered if this business approached their marketing in the same way.

Many businesses I talk to, particularly smaller or companies with limited number of employees, will market when it’s quiet and then be too busy to do anything as a result. This BOOM then BUST cycle can be absolutely devastating for a business owners health.

Slow and Constant Marketing

Whether you use online or offline marketing, constancy is the most important thing to remember. Even when you get busy, you should still dedicate time to market your services. This is to avoid that Boom and Bust cycle that many business owners find themselves in.

You know the kind of cycle that has you wondering where the next payment is coming from and when!

What kind of marketing are you doing?

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About the Author

As a small business owner with limited resources I had to learn what worked and what didn't when it came to marketing my business. I was sick of all the emails and gurus claiming to be able to get me more business than I could handle. I thought, "if were that easy every one would be over run with customers" So I learnt for my self what worked. By far the best and most cost effective strategy I employed was Direct Response Marketing (where everything I published required the reader to take and action). I have now taken this further and made my website direct response. Now at any point there is an action you can take and it's consistent with why you are on the page in the first place. (Most of the time) If you want to know more about this just reach out to me and we can discuss it.

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