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Category Archives for Online Sales

How’s your Website

Do you get the feeling that your online world is a little out of control? Maybe you have just lost focus on it recently and need to get a good handle on how well it’s getting new business for you! It’s not hard to loose touch with your online presence. Many people start out with […]

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Online Sales Funnel

How’s your sales funnel looking? Every business has one, whether or not it’s formalised doesn’t matter at this stage. Your sales funnel is the process you go through from when you first meet a prospect, up to the point of making a sale. Where most people stop is once they make a sale. There actually […]

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Sales Process Online

Online sales Process

Often an unasked Question Every business has a sales funnel. It can be simple or complex but everyone has one. How do you replicate your process and get it online? Unfortunately this question is rarely asked by web designers and developers, well at least it doesn’t look like it. How often do you look at […]

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Online Sales Rise

Online shopping on the rise

This article highlights the consumers shift to be more comfortable with shopping on line. What are you doing to take advantage of this trend? Online retailers continue to post double-digit sales growth BY BUSINESS REPORTER MICHAEL JANDA 19 HR 21 MIN AGO The latest monthly gauge of online purchasing shows sales continuing to rise at […]

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