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Online Sales Funnel

How’s your sales funnel looking? Every business has one, whether or not it’s formalised doesn’t matter at this stage. Your sales funnel is the process you go through from when you first meet a prospect, up to the point of making a sale. Where most people stop is once they make a sale. There actually […]

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What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You

understand what you need before you engage a webmaster

Don’t Go in Blind How often have you gone into something not knowing enough about what it is you’re about to do. I remember I did it with shares, started trading without knowing the game and got caught out. Many of you are professional services business owners and you’re in business because what you do […]

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4 Spectacularly Simple Ways to Generate Cashflow

Build Client list

This is so simple you will kick yourself that you haven’t been doing this for ever! If things are a bit slow and you need some cashflow there are 4 ridiculously simple things you can do to kick start your cash flow. To generate cash flow instantly from your business there are 4 simple things […]

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Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes

Understanding the online visitor process flow

Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes In this video you will find some interesting insights into just what and how online marketing will work for you should you decide to get serious about it. Some of the highlights are 0:40 What is online marketing? 0:56 Who searches online? 1:35 Top online marketing mistake. 2:10 First Contact […]

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