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Category Archives for Lead Generation Conversion

Fast and Furious or Slow and Constant

Frustrated your business marketing isn't working

Are you a Reactive or Proactive Marketer? Fast and Furious. I was sitting in the traffic the other day, 4 lanes all traveling at just under the speed limit. A car came flying up behind me, sign written up to advertise the company. The driver was chopping and changing lanes, speeding up and getting caught […]

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What is LEAD RANK Media

Why Get out of bed to run a business Have you ever wondered why you get out of bed every day and do what you do? I was listening to a podcast by John McIntyre the other day and that question was asked, which got me thinking. Why do I own and run a business […]

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How to Engage More Customers

Engage customers like a fruit vendor

The Question on every ones lips All businesses need more leads, that’s if they want to grow. So the big question is: How to Engage More Customers Remember back when you were young or maybe there is someone near you now who runs a fruit and veg shop that is really popular with the kids. […]

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Turn 1% conversion into 100k

Convert 1% of Visitors How many visitors do you get to your website? How a conversion system can pay handsomely. I would like to show you something. This sounds impossible but when you look at the numbers you can’t dispute it. Scenario: Printing Business You have identified that a good client for your business spends […]

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Are you Flying Blind – Know your Website Statistics

Lead rank Media analytics

How much do you know about your website performance? I will keep this short and to the point. I am constantly shocked by how many business owners DON’T know about what’s going on with their website. Simple Critical website statistics like: How many people are visiting their website what keywords they are reaching you via […]

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Million Dollar Lead System

See how this automated Lead System of generation, customer nurturing and conversion system has made this company millions in revenue.

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