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How’s your Website

Do you get the feeling that your online world is a little out of control? Maybe you have just lost focus on it recently and need to get a good handle on how well it’s getting new business for you! It’s not hard to loose touch with your online presence. Many people start out with […]

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Social Media Madness

pew research Graph of social media usage 2014

Just because it’s there do you need it? Social media has gone mad. If you read or listen to anyone they will tell you that “YOU MUST BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA” Why??????? I mean, does social media make anyone in your industry any money? Remember, social media is just that, social. It’s about getting on […]

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Blogging for Business v Blogging for Hobby

Business blog verses Hobby blog

What’s the difference between blogging to generate business and blogging for Passion? The major difference is the knowledge behind the intent. Passion What I mean is that often blogs just start out as being a way for someone to tell the world about their passion. That’s great but as time goes by the work load […]

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3 Ways to Double Customer Numbers From your Website

Sharing content on social media

More Customer That’s all I want is more customers! The is the response I get from just about every business owner when I first speak to them. Of course this is true, we all want more customers but when I dig in a little deeper I find there is actually some caveats to that, if […]

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