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Category Archives for Customer Conversion

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Going Digital For your small business digital marketing can be the best thing you’ve ever done. If you get it right. As a small to medium sized business going digital can be a daunting thing. Or is it? Simple huh…… Get a website and you’re away, Right…. How many people have you heard say, “I’ve […]

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How to Leverage your Connections

Small Business Digital Marketing

In the age of Internet Marketing Collaboration and Joint venturing are the way they are making massive impressions on their markets. That’s what social sharing is all about, put up something of interest and get people to like it! That’s an interesting point, “Like it” Just because someone likes you on Facebook, does that mean […]

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Process plus Technology = Profit System

Profit equals good systems

The Modern Day Profit Formula PS = P+T This stands for Profit System = Process + Technology To some, having a system for their sales process using online technology to tie it all together is like speaking to them in a foreign language. Believe it or not there are businesses out their that don’t even […]

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The Easiest Sale Most Businesses Never Make

Wow Big statement huh! What is he talking about and why don’t they do it? Even the big “guru” internet marketers can stuff this one up. Imagine this, you’ve spent countless hours of your time and thousands of dollars being at a trade show to help you generate new business opportunities. You gather names and contact […]

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Take Time to Understand the Customer

Lead Rank Media website analysis

Phew what a day I have had a hell of a day! 41 degree heat and doing a job where I was swapping time for money. Now I am absolutely wrecked………. How this came about is that I have a small service business and have been operating it for years. This business was originally started […]

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Increase Conversions and Profit

leadrank media traffic conversion

If you have 300 visitors/mth to your website and convert 1% of those visitors into customer who spend $400/mth that = $1200 per month, $14,400 per year, if they stay with you for 5 years that’s a lifetime value of $72,000 What if you could increase conversions to 5% – 15 clients @400/mth = $6000/mth, […]

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Customer Attraction Engagement and Conversion System Demo

I Have recently been looking at business processes and identified that not many business in the Financial planning Niche are taking advantage of the systems available to maximise their online exposure. I wanted to find a business who had the system set up and working well. To my surprise I had to go to the […]

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