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Category Archives for Customer Attraction

How’s your Website

Do you get the feeling that your online world is a little out of control? Maybe you have just lost focus on it recently and need to get a good handle on how well it’s getting new business for you! It’s not hard to loose touch with your online presence. Many people start out with […]

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Social Media Madness

pew research Graph of social media usage 2014

Just because it’s there do you need it? Social media has gone mad. If you read or listen to anyone they will tell you that “YOU MUST BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA” Why??????? I mean, does social media make anyone in your industry any money? Remember, social media is just that, social. It’s about getting on […]

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Process plus Technology = Profit System

Profit equals good systems

The Modern Day Profit Formula PS = P+T This stands for Profit System = Process + Technology To some, having a system for their sales process using online technology to tie it all together is like speaking to them in a foreign language. Believe it or not there are businesses out their that don’t even […]

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Small Business has Unfair Advantages

small and flexible business give you an unfair advantage online

Small and Flexible. Having a business structure that allows for quick decisions and have the ability to change can give you an unfair advantage! What got me thinking about this was a trip in a light aircraft. Last weekend it was my sons birthday and we got him a flight in a twin engine chieftain […]

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Blogging Saves the Business

Business Blogging turns into a Fortune A recent conversation with a SME business owner confirmed my own findings. This business was bubbling along, or so I thought. You see every time I asked him the usual question, “how’s business?” He would answer, “Yeah going we thanks” and move on. One day I said, No Jim, […]

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SEO Services Subject of Complaints

Small Business Digital Marketing

SEO services subject of many complaints, warns Fair Trading office   Ben writes a great article every business owner should read. I have copied the article here. This can be one of those costly mistakes I talk about. The best way to avoid getting caught is to steer clear of these companies who claim they […]

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Sponsorship of Target Markets

Sponsorship of target markets can provide far more than a good feeling of supporting your community.

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Customer Attraction Engagement and Conversion System Demo

I Have recently been looking at business processes and identified that not many business in the Financial planning Niche are taking advantage of the systems available to maximise their online exposure. I wanted to find a business who had the system set up and working well. To my surprise I had to go to the […]

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