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Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes

Understanding the online visitor process flow

Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes In this video you will find some interesting insights into just what and how online marketing will work for you should you decide to get serious about it. Some of the highlights are 0:40 What is online marketing? 0:56 Who searches online? 1:35 Top online marketing mistake. 2:10 First Contact […]

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Getting More Visitors to Websites

website visitors

More visitors, We Need more Visitors Well this is partly true. Just getting heaps more traffic to your website doesn’t mean you automatically make more sales. The key to generating more business is to get the right type of visitors. So before you race off and pay a fortune to some SEO or Pay per […]

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Fast and Furious or Slow and Constant

Frustrated your business marketing isn't working

Are you a Reactive or Proactive Marketer? Fast and Furious. I was sitting in the traffic the other day, 4 lanes all traveling at just under the speed limit. A car came flying up behind me, sign written up to advertise the company. The driver was chopping and changing lanes, speeding up and getting caught […]

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Specific Customer Traffic

Lots of Targeted Customers

The Value of Targeted Customers Imagine, when the phone rings or you receive an email that it is coming from your ideal customer. You know, the right customer who doesn’t try to screw you over and is more than obliging when you are dealing with them. They simply are a pleasure to deal with? We […]

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Learn for Competitors

Online marketing Opportunity

What’s you Competition doing? This shouldn’t be an obsession but rather a smart part of your online marketing strategy to help you stay in touch with your prospects. The other day I was researching a market for a client and during my the strategy session 2 question I asked were, ” so who is your […]

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