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How’s Your Reputation Management

Do you care what people say about you? It’s interesting in this age of world wide web and online everything just how open our business lives are. With popularity your website is seen by more people. The more people that see your website, the more business you get right. Right! So we go out and […]

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Direct Response Blogging

Direct response business blogging

No Money to Waste As a Business owner you are looking for the best “Bang for your Buck” aren’t you? Do you have the budget to spent money just building their brand without any tangible return on your investment? We have seen over the last few years how Big brands in the food industry have had their […]

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How to Generate interest around your website

Why go digital marketing

Website Buzz Most websites are static. Business owners simply don’t have the time to sit down and write. Lets face it if they wanted to be a writer they would be in journalism instead of the business they’re in. This doesn’t mean writing is not important and it doesn’t matter if it’s not done. Quite […]

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Blogging for Business v Blogging for Hobby

Business blog verses Hobby blog

What’s the difference between blogging to generate business and blogging for Passion? The major difference is the knowledge behind the intent. Passion What I mean is that often blogs just start out as being a way for someone to tell the world about their passion. That’s great but as time goes by the work load […]

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Blogging Saves the Business

Business Blogging turns into a Fortune A recent conversation with a SME business owner confirmed my own findings. This business was bubbling along, or so I thought. You see every time I asked him the usual question, “how’s business?” He would answer, “Yeah going we thanks” and move on. One day I said, No Jim, […]

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