Business Blogging

Become a better blogger!

Your business will benefit!!

I know we all want to do as little as possible to get the best results when it comes to spending time marketing our business.

The thing is that you can spend hours on your blog “doing stuff!” Seeing little or no results for your effort. OR

You can spend time doing the right things with your blog and see massive consistent results.

There’s so much information out there about blogging and tools to save time and short cuts to massive results.

The bottom line is usually that the people pedaling this stuff are only interested in one thing and that’s how much they can make out of you. If you buy then there marketing has worked.

Unfortunately it’s worked for them and you are yet to see any benefits.

Worst still, when the next round of Google updates arrive your site disappears off the ranking page and your income plummets.  SOUND FAMILIAR?Leadrank media business blogging e class

If that’s been your experience, then I know where you are coming from. It happened to me twice before I worked out what was going on and how important it is to have original articles posted on your own website.

That’s why I have put together the “Business Blogging” E Class series.

A 6 month program to get you into the habit of communicating to your prospects for long term growth of your business.

Where you get tips and tutorials on how to blog the right way for your business in the shortest possible time. Each class comes with notes sheets to help you stay on course. The E Classes consist of 6 months of tutorials and updates and support.

I know you don’t have time but with this course you can give it to a part timer and they can do it for you. You could even voice record content on your phone and get it transcribed. The thing is, don’t DO IT, just because you don’t have time. MAKE TIME or BUY TIME. (get someone else to do it)

Buy now you must be wondering how much you are going to need to invest in such a comprehensive training program? That’s a fair question, considering that if you were to pay a professional reputable company to post out original content for you you would be looking at a around $500 to over $1500 per month and that’s just the starting point.

Lets face it, you know your customers better than anyone so you’re in the best position to be blogging your message to them.

Because we have already done the hard work of testing and measuring this process on our own businesses we can make a special early bird bonus. We are offering the Business Blogging E Class for just $47 per month for 6 months.

During the 6 month course you will receive

  • E Classes of tips and video tutorials on how to get the most from your blogging delivered to your inbox
  • pdf notes for each tutorial
  • the 6 months latest updates and what they mean for your blogging
  • Receive a blueprint of how to set up your blog with the tools and plugins required

As a special bonus, I’ll show you a blogging technique that will turbo charge your posts and gain you heaps of extra Google love.

The best part is that by getting this course you become part of our community where you will be kept up to date with the latest trends, updates and tips that will effect your blogging. I do that so you don’t have to.

We are also planning to conduct some webinars to help iron out any issues you may be having.

Why so Cheap? My goal for you is to learn what’s needed to generate more business leads.

If your business grows as a result then so does mine. There’s a heap more that can be done to get more business but this is the best place to start.

I wish that I had something like this course to help me when I first took my business on line. Gezzz it would have saved me many hours of trial and error.

The Bottom Line

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about blogging to get more business.

We will support you in everyway we can but ultimately it’s up to you whether you do the work or get someone to do it for you. BUT IF YOU WANT TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS, IT MUST BE DONE.

One thing is for sure, by taking these E Classes you will be confident in knowing what’s required to get great results in the minimum possible time.