LEAD RANK Media is totally focused on generating more business for the clients we work with.

We do this in a number of ways but ultimately we aim to provide you with the business result your are looking for.

To give you an idea, we recently had a customer inquiry about generating more business from their website. This is a great idea, but the website sucked and even if people found it in a search engine they would have left because it was too hard to navigate around it.

The initial solution was to

  • build a new page
  • offered the answers to the problems the visitor had in the form of a PDF download and
  • followed them up with more valuable question answering information via an automated email system
  • made an offer to them after about a month to contact them to book their service.

The worst case scenario is that this company develops a database of prospective customers they can market to in the future and the best case is that the prospect turns into a customer and buys their service. Either way this business can grow by generating more and more leads.